The PRIZES when you are the TOP of the TOP Earner in the Las Vegas Leader Revolution.

All earners will select ONE activity to participate in on the evening of TUESDAY, October 17....


Clubbin' with Juddy Dinner & Clubbing
Dinner & Cirque de Soleil Dinner & See a Show: Cirque de Soleil
Dinner & Britney Spears Dinner & Britney Spears
Spa Time with the Events Team Spa Time
Adrenaline Time with Sam High Adventure Activity
Winin' and Dinin' with Adrienne Dinner & an Upscale Bar
Dinner & Shopping with Ann Shopping: Dinner + $200 Gift Card


Not only can ANYONE paid at Premier or higher join us in Las Vegas for FREE... .we're offering some VERY fun extra incentives for those who go above and beyond....


Top 15 Earners Most PV in August & September You must be paid at Premier+ in AUGUST & be in the top 15 for PV with BOTH months volume combined.  
Top 15 Earners Most 15 Day QS Recruits in Aug. & Sept We're counting BOTH months. Anyone who joins Aug or Sept & gets their 15 Day QS in that period, counts. If there are ties, those tied will be ranked in order by those having team members completing their 15 day QS earliest.
Top 10 Earners Most % Growth in Their TV July to Aug TV from July compared to Aug. This will be measured as a PERCENTAGE of TV growth of August over July. We will use as many decimal points as necessary to determine winners.
First 5 Earners NEW Premier Promotions in August First time Premier Promotions. If there are more than five, those five earning it EARLIEST in the month will attend. 
First 10 Earners Promotions to Silver or Above in August This will be for any leader promoting to any rank of Silver or above in August. This tier will be ENTIRELY based on the FIRST 10 to promote. IE, if you promote to PLATINUM on the 23rd at 11PM, but someone promoted to SILVER at 9PM on the same day, and she was the 10th to promote in August, she would win the prize.
First 5 Earners PP3 Premier Re-Promotions in August This tier applies to any PP3 who has formerly been a Premier but has been demoted. The first FIVE in this category to re-promote in August will attend.

















For these additional leader incentive tiers based on July and/or August numbers: beginning mid-September (once August numbers are final), we will notify and announce winners and initiate the sign up process via email. For those leader incentive tiers that carry through September, we will notify and announce winners and initiate the sign up process in early October (once September numbers are final). There are between 8-12 seats available in every given activity, so all earners should be able to choose just about any activity.

 If anyone qualifies for 2+ tiers, the slot that they earned the LOWEST in will be forfeited and given to the runner up in that category. They will maintain the highest tier they earned. 

 These prizes have no cash value. You MUST attend in order to receive. You cannot give away your prize. 

 Once you choose a prize excursion activity, you are committed and will not be allowed to change.