Top 7 Tips to Remove Dark circles under Eyes Home Remedies


How to Remove Dark circles under Eyes- Dark Circles it makes your face looks tired, throat and old. It robs the bright beauty of your eyes. The dark circle is mainly due to poor sleep, stress, anxiety, itching or irritating eyes, excessive rubbing and vitamins due to lack of iron and iron. Get rid of black circles follow this highly effective skin treatment tips to get rid of those ugly black circles naturally and completely. Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Blemishes on Face.

How to Remove Dark circles under Eyes Instantly

1. The cream of a home-made eye is a cheap and effective way to quickly remove the dark circle. Take Sweet almond oil about a TSP, 1 tablespoon of vitamin E oil and 1 tsp of spoon milk cream then mix it properly. Now your dark circle cream is ready to use, to use cream Just pat the eye cream slowly(softly) around your eyes. It enhances blood circulation for eyes, exiles under dark circles and eye bags.

2. Mint leaves: It is a simple mint recipe for treatments of black circles forever. Take few pieces of mint leaves and blend it using a little cold water. Put the fritter juice in the bowl abd add some drops of rose water. With help of two cotton ball soak in mint juice, keep it on your both eyes and leave it for 10 minutes.

3. Tomatoes: It contains antioxidants and properties that can brighten the under-Eye skin to a great extent. Mix 2 tsp of tomato juice with one tablespoon of Vera gel and apply gradually to dark circles. After 10 minutes Rinse it off, it’s protect for discoloration under the eyes and shines it.

4. Lemon Juice: Your tired, dark and wet eyes require more caution like the rest of your body. Here is a quick solution to remove dark circles and remove tired eyes. Mix Half cup cold water with 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon juice and freezes it in the ice-cube tray. Take ice cube and rub around your eyes for 2 minutes. You can savor on your face to get fresh and shiny skin.

5. Cucumber: To Remove Dark circles under Eyes overnight: Squeeze the cucumber furnace and juice to carry out. Mix a tbsp of aloe vera gel with cucumber juice. Keep this juice in the fridge for 15 minutes. Now take the juice of cold cucumber and aloe vera and use your fingers gently apply to dark circles. Let sit it overnight. Antioxidants and silica in the cucumber reduce black nest and puffing, aloe vera is saturated and moisturizes in the area below the eyes.

6. Add juice chilled potato juice to a cold pot and mix one spoon of raw honey and 2 tablespoon lemon juice. Apply it on the dark circle area after 30 minutes, instantly loses its dark circles, dry the crow’s feet and reduces the darkness.

7. 2 Green Tea Bag: Here is an easy way to Remove Dark circles under Eyes. Dip 2 green tea bags in boil water, after Brew it 5 minutes Keep it in freezer and sit in for 15 minutes. Keep a tea bag on your closed eyes and relax for 10 minutes. Antioxidants and caffeine reduce fungi and dark circles permanently. You Must Like Home Remedies for Best Acne Treatments


  1. Fantastic blog. I would like to share these tips with my sister as she has got dark circles at less age and so she feels very embarrassing. Thanks for this article and keep posting such helpful resource.



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