October 15 Golds & Platinums fly in & have time in Las Vegas on own

  • October 16 Gold & Platinum Meeting Day
  • Silvers & Premiers fly in, time in city on own
  • Welcome party this evening

October 17 All Leaders Meet. Agenda TBA in late August

October 18 Meeting, all / Special Incentive Earners Activities this evening / some flights home, late evening

October 19 Remainder of attendees go home 


The event will be held at: The Red Rock Las Vegas Resort


** SELL & TEAMBUILD! There will be special functions, gifts, and parties for OUTSTANDING achievement in August that can be earned.

See the details HERE.


 Golds & Platinums paid at ANY leadership rank in August will be invited for Gold & Platinum day.

Requirements to earn the Revolution Incentive:

Attendee must be PAID AT ANY TITLE of Premier or higher for the month of August 2017.  

New leaders promoting for their work in August, existing Premier+ who are paid at a rank, Premier or above, and demoted PP3s who re-promote to at least Premier in the month of August are eligible to earn and attend the trip. 

All those qualified are subject to having their business activities audited to ensure no violations of P&Ps occurred in the achievement of their title. We reserve the right to inspect any and all business activities to ensure compliance. Any attending leader must be fully compliant with P&Ps and be in good standing with the company to earn the incentive up through and including while attending the event. 


What is included :

A shared room (see roommate information below) and all associated regular room rate fees, taxes, and resort charges (see exceptions below), most meals (additional detail will be provided In late August), event swag and goodies, potential other recognition activities where earned, and airfare where applicable. Consultants living within reasonable driving distance (about a 3 hour drive, or a distance to which there is not an airport closer than the drive to Las Vegas) will not be offered a flight, nor consideration for not needing a flight, but will receive shared room, etc.


How it will work:

After commissions and rank audits have been done for August (by September 10th), those earning the Incentive will be notified via email to register for the event. Upon notification that you earned the Leader Revolution Incentive to Las Vegas, you will have TWO BUSINESS DAYS to complete a form that says that you will: 

  • attend. See additional detail below.
  • remain in good standing with the company and honor P&Ps at all times, including while on the trip.
  • sign a standard incentive trip liability waiver as part of the registration process.
  • sign a standard NDA upon arrival at the event as we will be sharing NEW Perfectly Posh intellectual property.
  • NOT record, broadcast, nor post aspects of the event to those not in attendance. See more detail below.
  • provide us a list of any dietary considerations we need to know about for meal preparation (will be part of registration process).
  • provide ALL necessary information as part of registration within one business day so your accommodations may be made.
  • provide us with a list of potential requested roommates asap. Not guaranteed. See below for detail.

We will assume those who have not responded to their invitation to attend within two business days are declining the trip. No exceptions can be made as we have a VERY tight timeframe to turn around the arrangements. Please be watching for your invitation, and be ready to respond quickly. 

Arrangements will be made as quickly as possible, but make take up to two weeks to complete. Perfectly Posh will choose your flights, and your airline to come and go within the communicated dates, and you will NOT be able to select any of your itinerary (for the sake of booking things quickly). If your timeframes do not work on the chosen dates, we recommend you either decline the event, or pay to make your own changes independently with the airline carrier once Perfectly Posh has made your arrangements. 

You will be able to provide a list of up to 4 requested roommates. Please understand we are happy to take requests, but cannot promise we can make every scenario work and you may not be rooming with your request.

Do not be a flake. If you ACCEPT the event, and register for it and do not attend through any actions of your own, Perfectly Posh reserves the right to potentially hold you ACCOUNTABLE any or all costs associated with booking any portion of the trip, and reserves the right to withhold those costs from your future commissions. ONLY COMMIT AND REGISTER FOR THE TRIP IF YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU CAN ATTEND. Each case of “missing” the event will be handled one-off and reviewed by the Home Office events, Business Development, and Legal teams AFTER the event is over. 

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, we will work with you and the travel agency to get you to the event, or home as quickly as possible. Do realize these events are impossible to predict and we can merely do the best we can. We will do all we can to ensure you don’t miss portions of the event as a consequence. 

Should there be an “act of God” regarding the facility or location, we reserve the right to cancel and/or postpone the event should we no longer be able to hold it. This is of course, merely protecting Perfectly Posh against the most extenuating of circumstances around the event and the need to address this is highly unlikely.


Other items of note:

If you agree you are attending the event, and earn the trip, and attend, you agree you will not Facebook Live, record, broadcast, nor in any other way present live information from the event. You may go back and train other team members / leaders post event, but all happenings at the event are for the benefit of those leaders who earn and attend the event. This is to preserve the special nature of this Incentive for those who earned it, and also to keep the attention of those attending on what is happening in the room while it is happening. 

No leader may purchase this trip. It can only be earned. No guests will be allowed for any reason. 

This trip has NO cash value. Should you earn it and be unable to attend, you will forfeit the prize. There is no consolation prize. You will NOT receive any of the even materials, nor recognition pieces if you are not at the event. The event will not be broadcast (not even FBL from attending leaders). 

The hotel will be announced in mid-August as we are still finalizing all aspects of it. It is NOT located on the Strip, but is near it. Once your room is brooked, or after you arrive, feel free to make special arrangements with the facility if you have special needs, handicap access, allergies to pillows, etc. 

Transfers to and from the hotel, and the Strip are to be made on your own. The facility provides free shuttle to the airport. Be watching for details on how to make those arrangements. “Non-standard charges” are also the responsibility of the attending leader i.e. pay-per-view movies, room service, any uncharge cleaning or damage fees, etc. 

You WILL NEED TO LEAVE A CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD ON FILE WHEN YOU CHECK IN AND A HOLD WILL BE PLACED ON THIS CARD. This is for incidentals to protect the hotel, and is a standard practice and it is REQUIRED that you leave it. If you do not charge anything additional to your room, the hold will be dropped off. We recommend a credit card as there are often larger holds put on your debit card when it is used for this purpose. It can take several days for the hold to fall off after you check out, so we recommend you come prepared for this. 


Conduct at the event:

It is expected that you attend ALL of the scheduled events on your agenda when you earn this Incentive. This is a WORKING meeting. We have allowed time for all attendees to spend some time in Las Vegas, and we urge you to use and enjoy that, then show up to work when it is time. The additional incentive activities to be earned will be ALL FUN, or you can attend to use your free evening on October 17 to explore the city or the facilities.

It is expected that you will represent yourself, your business, and the Perfectly Posh brand with the utmost dignity at ALL times. Alcoholic beverages and other “Las Vegas” activities bring the fun to the event, but we do expect that as an earner of the Incentive, you respect and attend working time, and at all times are an ambassador of the business. Additionally, each leader is expected to treat all other leaders with consideration and respect. Honor your roommate and shared spaces, and we reserve the right to dismiss anyone from the event for improper conduct where any and all travel or accommodations that might need changing would come at the sole cost and execution of the offender. We reserve the right to dismiss anyone from the trip at any time for any reason, should we feel there is cause. Any costs associated with change in travel arrangements or accommodates that need to be made base on being dismissed from the event are the sole responsibility of the dismissed leader.

All those caught whining will be moved to one $19 per night room at Circus Circus.